Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Remote Winegard Antenna Amp Switch

Are you tired of reaching for the tiny antenna switch inside the AV cabinet when watching TV? Do you forget to turn the antenna amp off? Well, you are not alone. My kids will even use the TV and TV wall mount as a monkey bar just to get to the antenna switch. This remote ant. power switch will make your life a lot easier. It's plug and play, no cutting of on-board wiring's.All you need is a on-off switch (I opted for lighted on-off switch) some wires, male and female crimp-on connectors/ crimper tool, a soldering iron/ solder wire, and a small plastic project enclosure for the switch. I use velco to attach the remote switch to back of the TV for easy access. If you decided not to use a lighted switch, you can skip the 3rd wire (negative wire).
Pictures of the install below.

Close-up view

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