Thursday, September 22, 2011

Removable Countertop 2.5 Gallon Water Container Holder

During travel, I prefer to carry bottled water for drinking. I don't trust the fresh water tank for our drinking and cooking needs. We usually get the 2.5 gallon water container (2 packs) from Costco which is usually cheaper than getting it from our local grocery stores. I used to secure one 2.5 gallon water container on the countertop either using a rope or any kind of tying material to prevent it from falling off while underway. It was a big hassle to do, plus it's not very secure at all. After some brain storming idea, I came up with the design. Using pieces of scrap plywood, I made a water container holder, painted it black to match the appliances.  I've been using it for couple of weeks years now and has performed better than I expected.

Click photo's to enlarge. 


Version 2.0 Upgrade.
Water cup holders were added for convenience.
2 high output LED lights projects light into the water container thus creating soft ambient illumination.

 The water jug diffuses the light nicely. The soft light is easy on the eyes but bright enough to illuminate the inside of the van. Light is also dimmable which is also great as a night light.

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