Saturday, June 2, 2012

Aisle Bed in Roadtrek Agile

RT Agile rear convertible seat/king size bed can comfortably sleep 2 adults. With our two small kids, there is no way we all fit on the rear bed. The bed can fit three the most, 2 adults and a small child should be fine. When camping, I always ended up sleeping on the floor using a camping self- inflatable mattress. It's okay, but the floor gets really cold during winter or cold season camping, not to mention cleaning the floor thoroughly before laying your mattress or you end up with a dirty blanket and pillow in the morning.

The only available space you can put a 2nd bed/mattress is on the galley floor or on top of the 2 front seats. I believe Sportsmobile does make a foldaway mattress accross the sprinter 2 front seats. I did make one myself, try this link Click here. The problem with the front seats bed is the limited 62 inches length, this is okay for a child. To sleep an adult, a longer bed is needed. The galley floor has limited space, so off-the-shelf cot/ camping bed obviously will not fit.

I used our old folding table frame as a bed support. The frame is made of high strength steel and can hold an adult weight without a problem. The bed can be folded when not in use and can be stored behind the drivers seat.

The finished bed.


Here are some of the pictures of the built.
The folding table steel frame

I replaced the  plastic tabletop with 1/2-inch high quality plywood, then topped it with 1-inch high density foam. The custom cover is made of upholstery fabric.

Head of bed

Middle section of bed with cut-out to accommodate the foot of bed section.

Foot of bed

Assembly of foot part of bed

Foot part of bed can be folded and locked in place to the underside of bed.

Final assembly. Note the narrower foot part of bed folded and tucked under the bed. 

With foot part of bed unfolded.

Bed inside RT Agile

Bed stored behind driver seat

Unfolded and ready for use

The only problem is that bed extends far enough that it blocks the bathroom door from opening. The only solution is to fold the bathroom door in an open position as noted in the picture below, and then use the shower curtain to close the bathroom, this way you still have access to the toilet when bed is in use.

I ended up cutting/trimming the bed corner adjacent to the bathroom door, then moved the front bed legs couple of inches forward to give the bathroom door more wiggle room.

All in all, I am happy with the bed, I only wish I could use a thicker foam/padding for more comfort. But, a thicker padding will not work for the narrower lower bed section, it is sandwiched between the middle and head part of bed when folded, any thicker and it will not fit. I can always use my self-inflatable mattress on top, but did not find it necessary...yet.


  1. Really its very nice information because the bed can be use onsite the car for travel purpose. Totally it is a multiply purpose thanks for your useful post.

  2. Brilliant!!

    Hi from Alberta!

  3. That is very similar to a portable massage table, which comes in lightweight versions and different widths, depending on who makes it. Some companies do custom work. They can be pricey, but they are very comfy and the upholstery is all done for you, in colors and fabrics you want.

  4. if the top part was separate, you could use the thicker foam and use that new separate piece as a separate stool. just a thought

    1. That is a great idea, although use of thicker foam could pose a storage problem in a small Agile. The current bed when folded just barely fit behind the driver seat without restricting the driver seat adjustability. I use an inflatable camp bed on top of the bed and it is very comfy.

  5. New to Roadtrek, does anyone have the finished measurements of this custom sleeping platform? Much appreciated, was a folding card table the type of thing used to make this bed? Thanks

    1. The table is bi-fold plastic top table similar or same as this:

      The bed dimension when unfolded is 65" long x 22.5" wide. Hope that helps.


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