Saturday, May 11, 2013

Modifying the Small Vertical Pull-Out Pantry to a Waste Bin

Our small rectangular trash can tucked behind the driver seat has worked great for us, until I started using that space for the hinged front mattress. There is no alternate placement for the old trash can, for that, I decided to modify the small pull-out pantry as a waste bin with some extra space for storage. The size/shape of the modified waste bin is really dictated by the location of the sink drain and electrical outlet box for the microwave, which mostly occupies the back of the pantry space. After double/triple checking the shape/ dimension, and design of the waste bin, I started cutting pieces of ½ inch birch plywood. Pieces are then butt joined using a nail gun and lots of wood glue. It is then sanded smooth, stained, and coated 3x with wipe-on polyurethane matte finish with light sanding in-between coats. Pieces of 1/2 inch, 1/20 in. thick aluminum angle bar cut to lengths are then glued around the opening of the trash receptacle for accent.
Finished project pictured below.
 Noticed the right outer panel is only secured with wood screws for easy removal if it needed thorough cleaning inside the container.

The inside of thebin is painted with several coats of gloss black for water protection, just in case.

With 10 gallon trash can liner.

To make up for the pantry space lost in this project, I decided to add a full size pull-out drawer/ pantry in the cabinet located below the microwave, that's another project coming. Thanks for looking.

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  1. That is great idea I have a holiday rambler that I'm redoing all help is wonderful


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