Tuesday, December 3, 2013

City Water Inlet Replacement

At one point, things in the RV will eventually break and the city water inlet is no exception. If it starts to leak, try to reseat the rubber check valve first and see if that cures the problem. I have reseated the valve on ours on many occasions and lately the spring that holds the rubber check valve  just came off. I decided to replace the whole water inlet valve assembly with a different brand; the new one is made of brass vs. the plastic old one. One drawback is that the mounting holes is different as it has 3 mounting holes as opposed to 2 on the original one, so I have to drill new holes into the mounting bracket.

If you decided to replace it with a new identical one it would be an easy DIY, all you have to do is remove the two rivets that holds it in place, unscrew it from the PEX tubing pipe thread adapter, replace it with a new one and rivet it back in place.
Picture above shows the check valve is not properly seated causing water to leak out. If this happens, your water pump will repeatedly cycle on-off as water pressure starts to drop inside the pipes.

 Using a small blunt tip object, carefully seat the check valve in place.
 City water inlet with 2 holding rivets removed.
 Old vs. new. I added a male coupler (1/2 NPT) to the new one as it has a female thread end. The new city water inlet valve is a tad longer than the old one; any longer and you may have problem installing as the PEX tubing is very rigid and does not have much give .
A manual shut-off valve is added.

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