Thursday, January 15, 2015

Simple Auto Deploy TV Antenna Reminder

You can buy a TV antenna reminder clip like this "Clip-on Antenna Saver" or make your own. The problem with the clip-on antenna reminder tags is if someone forgets (ohhh... the irony) to hang them after raising the TV antenna. If you have kids like I do, believe me, they will "intentionally" forget.

So, I designed and patented (jk) this self-deploying antenna reminder. All you need is a line ( a fishing line, pull chain, etc.), fishing swivel (optional), instant glue, a small magnet, and a small item to hang preferably with striking colors or maybe a glow in the dark item; the choice is yours. The hanged item will serve as your reminder that the antenna mast is up.

Here is mine.

Magnet glued to "Sparkle's" back.

 "Sparkle" attached by magnet into the antenna crank handle. Fishing line is attached to her ear via a fishing swivel then the other end of the line was tied into the ceiling snap fastener. 

This is where the magnet sticks. The line is just long enough so that when someone starts cranking the antenna up "Sparkle" gets pulled out from the crank handle.

There she is hanging.

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