Monday, March 7, 2016

DIY Hitch Cargo Carrier and Side Mounted Hitch Receiver for Roadtrek Agile

Agile's Continental spare tire carrier location prevents the use of hitch cargo and bike carriers without any modifications. I've seen people use hitch extensions to clear the spare tire carrier, but this defeats the purpose of buying the shorter Agile not to mention its considerable influence in dynamic loading of the rear suspension over bumps and other road changes. Hitch baskets and bike racks mounted towards the rear of the spare tire also prevents the spare tire carrier to be folded down when needed.

I fabricated an extra hitch receiver that bolts-on into the right side of the factory hitch arm; it can accommodate medium sized hitch cargo carries/basket.  I will be fabricating a hitch cargo/bike carrier combo that swings to the side for easier access to the rear of the RV. For now, I'm using a small fabricated hitch cargo carrier for small loads like firewood/ ice cooler/ tool box, etc.

The receiver tube is a Harbor Freight tube cut short, and then welded to the fabricated bracket.

 Primed and painted black.
 I added a removable cover to the rear of the hitch tube. The hitch tube sits just behind the RV exhaust; the cover blocks any hot exhaust from entering into the hitch tube.

 Fabricating the hitch cargo carrier.

Welded and grinded smooth.

Primed and painted black. Light reflectors were installed on both sides and rear of the carrier. The hitch carrier only adds about 2-3 inches to the total length of the vehicle.
The license plate was relocated to the Continental spare tire carrier vertical post. 
I used the hitch cargo carrier on our recent trip to Vancouver Island and it was solid as rock!


  1. i'm considering the same thing, but welding the new receiver directly to the existing passenger arm, similar to what factory did on the drivers side. Why did you decide to bolt it on vs. weld it on?

  2. Hi, the continental spare tire carrier has the same bolt on design into the driver side hitch arm; it is not directly welded into the arm at least on my Agile. I’m new to welding and worries that it could weaken the hitch arm by directly welding the extra receiver into it, it is probably not a real concern but I’m not sure, so I went with the same bolt-on approach.

  3. Thanks for sharing this great post.


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