Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fixing the Drippy Bathroom Faucet in our Agile

Our bathroom faucet started leaking around the handle so I decided to disassemble the faucet to see what’s causing the leak. Here is how I did it.

First turn the water pump off, then open the faucet to release the water pressure. Remove the handle lever. The handle is held by a single screw hidden under the red/blue plastic plug. Using a mini screw driver or something pointy, remove the red/blue plastic plug on top of the faucet handle.

Unscrew the top cover trim from the faucet body. You will see a large brass locking nut that holds the faucet cartridge. Using an adjustable wrench or equivalent, retighten the brass nut, avoid over tightening. Test for water leak, if leak has stopped, you can put everything back and you’re done!

If water leak persist, you may have a faulty cartridge. Unfortunately mine still leaks even after retightening the brass locking nut. I tried to look for a replacement cartridge online but can't find any for this particular faucet. The faucet appears to be made by Reich (a German company); the faucet cartridge is marked “REICH 250510”.

So I just decided to disassemble the cartridge and re-grease the cartridge gaskets and hoping it will stop the leak (take note of the parts placement during disassembly, I took pictures).

Unscrew the large brass locking nut to remove the cartridge..

The faucet cartridge. 

With the cartridge disassembled. The 3 O-rings were cleaned and re-greased using Plumber's Silicone Grease. The ceramic disks were wiped cleaned with alcohol.

After putting everything back together and retightening the brass locking nut, I switched the water pump on and checked for leaks…no more leaks! I finished the reassembly by reinstalling the top trim cover and the faucet handle.
The faucet started leaking again, so I search the net for an OEM cartridge replacement but could not locate any store that carries it. Luckily, I found a Moen faucet cartridge on Amazon that fits the stock faucet perfectly, Amazon product link: MOEN 4000 faucet cartridge.


  1. Hi. Need help please..i have a 2015 rt 170 versatile with 3,000 kms on it( almost new)..i just had an oil change earlier and notice a " tick tick tick tick" noise.. Only present when moving...something like a timer sound..the more fast i drove the rv,the more evident the sound seems to be coming from the back..near the tv or the stove...i tried to look around but cnt figure it out.. Its annoying and the same time worrisome..its impossible that it is from the oil change and maybe just a coincident that i heard/ noticed that after...i drove it 4-5 times today just around here our town to check,hoping it will disappear but stil i said, seems to be a timer( ticking sound) thats more audible as the vehicle goes faster.. Please advise.. Thanks

    Ps.. Sorry if this is in a wrong just hoping somebody can answer my question despite being misplaced here

    1. Sorry for the late reply as I don't monitor this site regularly. I am not sure what causing the noise, did you check the tires? maybe something caught in between the tire threads, like rocks, etc. check tire lug nuts, torque them if needed. If noise continues, it would be better to have it checked out at the dealer or any auto shop.


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