Friday, March 4, 2016

RV Exterior Hand Held Hose/ Showerhead Replacement with Magnetic Pin Mount

I finally replaced my bulky, leaky, hard to store exterior showerhead and hose attachment. Found a small showerhead with built-in shut-off lever on Amazon along with a very flexible stainless steel hose, a pin wall mount (optional) and a pin mount swivel connector. Actually, the pin wall mount/ swivel connector was salvaged from an old showerhead I had, but it is available on Amazon (clickable Amazon links above).

Replacement is pretty straightforward, just unscrew the old hose and the showerhead then attach the new ones in place. I just made one minor modification to the new showerhead by drilling a bigger hole into the water saver valve (located on the water inlet of the showerhead) as the water flow is weak and restricted by the smaller hole.

The new hose is very flexible and really easy to store, unlike the factory hose which is a pain to store into the storage compartment, just coil the new hose about 3x and the door will close with ease.

With showerhead mounted on the existing pin mount.

Optional showerhead DIY magnetic pin wall mount. I just epoxied a strong circular magnet on its backside then covered the magnet with felt fabric to prevent it from scratching the RV body paint.

With showerhead mounted high up. A good option if you enjoy showering outside, not that I'm looking forward too. But I can see it useful on the beach if you need to rinse off after surfing or swimming, especially here in California where state beach shower/wash stations are turned off due to the drought.

Showerhead mounted low to the ground, good for hand washing and rinsing your feet and minimizing splashing of water into the side of the RV.

To store the magnetic pin wall mount inside the exterior shower compartment, I attached a big metal washer into the right side wall using VHB tape.

With the magnetic pin wall mount stored.


  1. There are so many different shower heads on amazon. could you tell me more info on yours so I can find it? this mod is just what I need.

    1. The shower head, hose, and pin mounts links can be found above at the start of the post. Just click the underlined clickable links and a new Amazon tab/window should open. If for some reason clicking on the links does not work (i.e. pop-up is blocked in your browser), you can right click on the links and select "open in new tab" instead. Hope that helps.

    2. Love this idea and I'm going to shamelessly steal it! Tell me please, the shower head you have appears to have a lever that must be depressed to activate the water, is that so? Does the lever lock open or must it be continuously depressed? Thanks!

    3. No problem :-). The shower head lever locks open, it slides forward to lock when you fully depress it. To unlock, simply slide the lever back towards you.

    4. I also apologise to the very late reply, I was on a long trip and no connection where I was. Thanks.

    5. No worries, thanks for the reply. After I reread your post, I see where you specifically said "a small shower head with a built-in shut-off lever". My bad. The link you have to the magnet you used takes me to an Amazon page for a magnetic hook. Did you remove the magnet from the hook and use it on your wall pin mount?

    6. Yes, I removed the magnet from the hook and epoxied it on the wall pin mount. I will be removing that link from Amazon as it looks like it was changed and now seems overpriced. You can get it from Home Depot store for a lot lesser price and the correct size.

  2. Thanks Road Trekker team for sharing hand showers, I am using a similar one from Delta Faucet.


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