Monday, December 5, 2016

600 Watt Microwave Replacement to Run Off Our 1000 Watt Inverter

We do use the RV microwave quite often but doesn’t like the idea of running the generator just for few minutes of MW use. There also times that we refrain from running the genset so not to upset our camp neighbors, especially early in the morning/ late at night or during no-generator times at campgrounds.

Right after the installation of our new Magnum MMS1012inverter/ charger (see this post) I started on replacing the factory installed microwave/convection oven with a smaller 600 watt microwave I got from Amazon (600-watt Westinghouse Counter Top Microwave). The microwave works really well with the Magnum MMS1012 PSW inverter; it draws around 950 watts at 120 volts. I can heat up a cup of water in less than 2 minutes. The MW outlet was rewired to the inverter output at the GFCI outlet located above the sink. 

The stock microwave is huge and occupies large amount of space; with the new smaller footprint microwave I was able to add extra storage drawers, a full width storage drawer below the MW and a smaller pull-out storage next to the MW.

The new 600 watt Westinghouse microwave.

Here is the old microwave.
The added drawer below the microwave was stained using combination of cherry/gunstock/ antique maple stains. 3-layers of protective coats of Minwax Wipe-On Poly Satin was applied. I let the Polyurethane coating cured for several days before buffing it with 0000 grade steel wool to remove any sheen and match the existing cabinet. The stain finish is not a perfect match, but it is close enough that my wife can't tell the difference.

 Side view of the microwave.

The smaller pull-out storage towards the right of the MW was fabricated using acrylic plastic then painted gloss black to match the MW, it is used for storing disposable drinking and coffee cups.

Drawer slides.

With the bottom drawer half-way open.

The microwave is fastened in place with 3 bolts through the bottom shelve, I installed 3 stainless steel rivet-nuts under the microwave for this purpose. WARNING: Before drilling any holes for the rivet-nuts, you have to open the microwave cover and temporarily remove the high voltage capacitor which is located just above the right rear foot/leg of the MW, you don't want to drill a hole into the capacitor.


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