Saturday, December 3, 2016

Overhead LED Lightning Conversion plus LED Mood/ Party Light Combo


The interior fluorescents lights were actually converted to white LED’s a few years back and the WIFI controlled RGB LED mood lights were added recently. Both LED lights are independently controlled and can be switch on at the same time for extra brightness.

Parts used: (Amazon product links)
The RGB LED mood lights (all 3 fixtures) are controlled over WIFI connection using a smartphone app. I opted for the WIFI LED controller over manual and Bluetooth controllers for extended range and more personalized control of the LED's. I can turn the lights on-off quite a distance away from the RV. One big drawback of WIFI LED controller is you loss your smartphone data connection while you’re connected to the controller. This will not be a problem for home use as you have the option to connect both WIFI LED controller and your smartphone to the same AP and retain same control functionality. I mostly use my old Android smartphone for controlling the LED mood lights anyway, so it's not a big deal breaker for me. I use a different smartphone app than the seller has recommended, search for "Magic Home WIFI" on Android Play Store or Apple App Store. The Magic Home app has more functionality and I find it more stable on Android platform, although I have not tested it on IPhone's.

The RGB LED mood lights are bright enough to be used as a main interior light, plus you can switch the lights on-and-off several yards away from the RV if needed to. You can set the LED mood lights to any color you want through the smartphone app or select pre-program light effects or make the LED's play with any sound or background music. I like setting the LED's to a lightly dim red color at night giving just enough illumination for you to see stuff inside the RV but it makes it harder for people outside to see you thru the open windows. 

Both the main LED lights (white LED panels) and the LED mood lights (RGB strip) were installed inside the old fluorescent light fixtures. Picture below is the wiring diagram of individual light fixtures.

LED light wiring diagram
 Fishing the LED 4-leads power wire is the hardest part of the install.

The 4-leads flat wire were soldered directly into the LED light strip. I have tried a commercially available clamp-type connectors to connect the wires, but found them unreliable.
 Heat shrink tubing were used at solder points.
Here is the wire connector that I've tried, it is unrealiable and losses connections with vibrations during travel.
First light fixture wired, two to go.
 Light Fixture backside view with the WIFI LED controller wired. The WIFI controller box is small enough to be stashed inside the headliner.
 On-off switch installed. The small switch will be covered by the light fixture lens, so a slight modification of the lens cover is needed so it can be slid and locked in place.

The mood/party LED light in action. You can set the LED moodt lights to any color you want through the smartphone app or select pre-program light effects or make the LED's play with any sound or background music.


  1. Hi,

    Which LED light did you use for your white light conversion a few years ago?


    1. Hi,
      I got them at EBay but don't have the link anymore, sorry. They are regular 12 volt 24 SMD 5050 Led light panel and cost about less than $2 each. They are pretty good, all still works after many years. Look for color temperature at around 3000K if you want a more natural yellowish light or higher 4000+K color for a brighter white light, color temperature over 5000K cast bluish white color.

  2. Very cool! I must do this. Thanks for posting such complete instructions.


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