Thursday, June 1, 2017

Custom K-Cup Coffee Brewer Station

 The stock 120-volt coffee maker was replaced with  800-watt Aicok Single-Serve K-cup coffee brewer. The Aicok runs off our 1000-watt Magnum Inverter/Charger. There is no initial current draw spike, it consistently pulls around 765 watts (@120 volts) for about 2 minutes (heating an 8-oz. water), then current draw drops to about 4.2 watts with the pump running to  percolate the heated water through the K-cup pod. The brewer automatically shuts-off when brewing cycle is finished. We really like this brewer; it is easy to use, and easy to clean/ maintain. The unit is relatively compact in design measuring about 3.94"W × 8.66"D x 9.45"H. Aicok customer support is also very responsive and helpful, a big plus in my book.
The brewer station with built-in slider is made from 1/2" Birch plywood with edge treatment using hardwood stock; it's then stained to match the existing cabinets. To prevent the brewer from sliding out while underway, a Decorite 5838 push latch was used. The clear door and the hinges are made out from Acrylic plastic. A strong magnetic latch holds the door closed, the small cubby is perfect for storing K-cup pods.
Amazon link for the Aicok Single-Serve K-cup Coffee Brewer, you'll also find reviews, specs, and  pictures of the brewer in the link provided. Enjoy your coffee!
Note: If not for the size limitation, I probably have bought the 700-watt Keurig In Room Coffee Brewer instead. The Keurig In-Room is about 1.6 inches taller than the Aicok and will not work with my setup. I have a 2.5 gallon water holder located under the coffee-maker and the extra height of the Keurig makes it impossible to load/ unload the 2.5 gallon water container into the DIY holder.

 With the slider fully extended. A slider is needed to access the brewer water reservoir and K-cup pod holder which is located inside the brewer top cover.
 View from the other side.

 With the slider partially extended.


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  1. This is awesome. Thinking about it for our Zion when we take delivery.


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